One of Many HSI Success Stories - Meet Sonia

Sonia graduated from Valley High School in June of 2012 and her story is about how High School Inc. helped change her life for the better. Sonia initially joined High School Inc.'s  Healthcare Academy as a sophomore, but she had to skip her junior year due to missing some credits.  She then enrolled in the Medical Assisting Class in her senior year and subsequently worked as an medical assistant intern.

Sonia feels High School Inc. teachers and business advisors did an incredible job in preparing her for her internship.  She believes the "real world" training she received -- combined with her strong skills and work ethic - were key factors that led her to quickly land a permanent job.  Sonia was offered a full-time position when her internship ended, and she is currently enrolled in the Ultrasound Technician Program at Santa Ana College and on course to complete an Associate's Degree.  She was especially grateful, when participating in the Healthcare Academy, that she was able to visit Everest College and Santa Ana College to observe their medical programs. She has since revisited those medical classes on several occasions, to share her story and help motivate other High School Inc. students to pursue their career dreams.

Additional Success Stories and Student Quotes  

"The New Media Academy has changed my view of the future. Thanks to this program I have learned about the programs that will shape our future for decades to come. The New Media Academy has made sure that I have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience to be successful in my future." –Sebastian A., 2015/2016; Currently a full time student on scholorship at Champan Universtiy, Sebastian works as a tutor for Valley students during his off hours motivating others to persue their dreams.

"The Medical Academy has impacted my life drastically. It has taught me that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it and give it your all. This academy has helped me open my eyes to all new possibilities." -Lizeth S., 2015/2016; Currently enrolled at SAC taking her prerequisites, Lizeth has been returning to High School Inc.'s open office hours frequently in preparation for her transfer to either UCI or Cal State Fullerton and continued path to peruse a career in immigration law.   

“I am a member of the High School Inc. Automotive Academy.  I am really proud of being one of the few women to be involved in this academy because it demonstrates that women are capable of doing things others wouldn’t normally picture us doing.  Also, the Academy doesn’t just simply teach you about cars it also teaches you about responsibility and what it's like once you step into the real world.”  – Jennifer G., 2015/2106

“Ever since I’ve been part of High School Inc., I've been motivated to succeed and look for ways to help me improve and reach my goals” -- Miguel T., 2015/2016