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Jack E. Oakes

High School Inc., Secretary
Former District Administrator, Santa Ana Unified School District

Jack E. Oakes’ career in education and public service spans 44 years and he is native Californian and Orange County resident.  Jack has experience in teaching, counseling and administration for two different school districts, Saddleback Valley and Santa Ana Unified School District.  Jack has also worked for various levels of education including elementary, intermediate, high school as well as adult education. 

Jack was elected and serves as Secretary for the High School Inc. Foundation in 2013 and his personal philosophy is one he shares with students of all ages, “Happiness is not a station we suddenly arrive at, it is a way of traveling.”  To this end, Jack has worked diligently to help educate and build the careers of countless individuals throughout his career. 

Jack was also named “Outstanding Career Technical Administrator” in 2007 by the Association of California School Administrators (Region XVII).  Later the same year, Jack was the recipient of the award for “Educator of the Year” presented by Vital Link.