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Dr. Robert Boggs

High School Inc., Board Member
Senior Director Academic Services, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

Robert Boggs’, PhD., primary responsibilities at Corinthian include student assessment and remediation at our Everest ground schools, across the United States and Canada.  Dr. Boggs’ experience in higher education and his collegial work style, make him an ideal contributor as a board member for the High School Inc. Foundation. 

Dr. Boggs is currently Senior Director of Academic Services at Corinthian Colleges, Inc. (CCI) and he has served in many capacities during his 20+ years in higher education. 
Prior to joining CCI, he was the Dean of Student Records for DeVry University–Southern California.

In addition to his work in education Dr. Boggs also serves on the non-profit Board of Directors for San Gabriel Children’s Center, a social services agency providing mental health services to children and families in need.  His doctorate from the University of La Verne is in educational leadership.